Usenet server for access to the Usenet

Various types of server are available for accessing Usenet newsgroups. Access to certain newsgroups is available via a news server offered by your Internet provider. These Usenet servers, however, often have a very short retention time and do not offer a large number of newsgroups. Binary newsgroups in particular are frequently not available via such servers. If you wish to download with ease from the Usenet and conduct Usenet searches, you will need to look around for a so-called pay server.

This is a commercial Usenet service providing paid access to the Usenet. Such paid services usually offer two sorts of subscription. One of these is normally a pay-by-download concept. This involves purchasing a certain number of gigabytes, which you can then download from the server. This is possibly a good alternative for those who only wish to download files on an occasional basis. The second and most frequently used form of subscription is a monthly subscription, which you can use to download as much data as you like from the server at a certain speed. Usenext offers a combination of the best characteristics of both subscription types.

In exchange for a small fee, you may download a certain amount of data at your full connection speed (up to 100 Mbit/s) and an unlimited amount of data at a speed of 1,000 kbit/s. (For most people this is already the full connection speed!) You may test the Usenet service free of charge for a period of 14 days and download as much as you wish. Once you have become used to downloading data from the Usenet, we are sure that you will not wish to do without the service.

Why must I access a Usenet server?


The Usenet and the Internet are not the same thing. Both networks operate independently from each other. Usenet servers are required to establish a connection to the Usenet newsgroups network. Downloading from the Usenet used to be extremely complicated. Good Usenet software enables even inexperienced users to download effortlessly today. The user interface is very similar to the user interface deployed in other file-sharing software such as Kazaa or Bittorrent.

The Usenet software is, however, connected to a Usenet server rather than local computers of other users. You receive direct access to all content and are able to download all of these at full access speed. A fast Internet connection enables you to download huge data in only a few minutes. You can use the Usenet access software at the bottom of the page to see what the Usenet newsgroups have to offer and how simple the download function is. Test the software for 14 days, completely free of charge and with no obligation. Click on the link below to download the free newsreader.

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